A history of smithtown and the battle of smith for land

Both died at Clarendon. That part of the Southern division owned by the Long Island Railroad Company is the old line from Jamaica to Springfield, not now much used. Connections Launches With initial funding from the R. He was ordained in He was a clergyman and at one time pastor of the church in Redding CT.

It proved to be a valuable feeder to the South Side Railroad. This entry was recorded on Sunday, 21 December Until the completion of the Brooklyn Bridgethe only connection between Long Island and the rest of the United States was by boat.

I am not sure that I have the spouse correct. They were also greatly aided in this by the citizens in communities who were not, as they conceived, sufficiently served by the line of the Long Island Railroad, as then located and constructed.

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Seth married 2 Mrs. Following is a record taken from Probate Records, Hartford District: Joshua, however, had a son Capt. It formed along Cayuta Creek for its water power.

Charles and Sylvia had the following children: Rice owned the octagon house on Chemung St. Elizabeth was born estimated Mary married Nathan Adams. This diverted the main line of travel on Long Island from the city of Brooklyn to the new terminus.

He sold the paper and then repurchased it with William Polleys in A sloop of 45 tons, going to New York, the property of one Youngs, was captured on the 15th, four miles west of Oyster Bay, on the high seas.

Others taking the oath the same day were: Baldwin founded the Waverly Advocate paper, in His widow married, second, August 5,James Eno Enno his second wife. New York and Long Island kept slavery until laws for its gradual abolition were passed in Selah married 3 Catherine J.

There were two schools, one in Factoryville and one in the west part Waverlythat were open prior to A summary of the position of these roads in will be profitable to an understanding of subsequent events, for it was at about this time that the contest was most bitter and severe between the three systems that we can now properly designate as the North Side system, the Main Line or Central system and the South Side system.

The most important enterprise entered upon in Mr.

Smithtown, New York

Many of the passengers on the Christian remained at Windsor, but not according to the plan set out by Saltonstall and his partners. The ground was at first intended to be leased, not sold, and an annual rent of ten dollars on each lot was to be devoted to paying the interest on the money invested and in improving the grounds, opening up and grading the streets, policing, etc.

This entry was recorded on Saturday, 13 December In a church building was erected, which gave way in to a much more commodious structure.

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His farm was located on the Holley Byron Rd. Prime, the historian, was bitterly opposed to Hicksville, mainly because he was opposed to the doctrines of Elias Hicks.

How this federation would have panned out is hard to say; certainly Connecticut would have opposed it, and just as certainly Stuyvesant would not have tolerated it so far as such places as Flushing and Newtown and Jamaica were concerned. Dull care and business were never allowed to enter this ideal spot.

And whereas the committee of correspondence of New York did request the people of Queen county to choose deputies, in consequence thereof there was a town meeting at Oyster Bay on April 4th, for the appointing of one deputy; but there appearing at said meeting a majority against it, yet nevertheless we the subscribers, freeholders of Oyster Bay, being determined to do all in our power to keep in unity with you and the colonies on the continent, and desirous of being in some measure represented at the general Congress, do hereby appoint Zebulon Williams as our deputy, giving unto him full power to act in our behalf in the premises aforesaid.

Jehu and Elizabeth had the following children: Mills, Solomon Minier, E. This assumes that the market settles back to its long-term ratio of home prices being 15 times annual rents. Also inthe Trust works with ExxonMobil on the conservation of two former terminal properties on Long Island: Some lots carried rights to privileges in the meadows, pastures and woodlands, others did not; sometimes lots were given to people with proviso that they should build houses on them, others received lots without any proviso at all.OYSTER BAY, LONG ISLAND, NY, HISTORY The History of Long Island, from its earliest settlement to the present time.

Peter Ross. NY Lewis Pub. Co. This is a partially escorted tour with services of a tour manager and porterage in Olympia, Delphi and Kalambaka. These services are not provided in Athens and on the cruise, however a local guide will be present for the Athens city tour. Burr Cook's History and Genealogy site for the Burr or Burre Family.

History Overview. News Clips A | Clips B| Designer & Builder | Timeline | Genealogy | Recollections | Proprietors | Octagon House | Main House | Carriage House | Outbuilding | Bungalow | Suffrage. We are researching the history of this property.

History of Long Island

The property consists of Chemung St. Main House, 1/2 Chemung St. Cottage (Out. Note: The following is a work-in-progress of every Howard Johnson Food Service Establishment over the years. If you know of a HJ location not listed here, let us know by e-mailing us at [email protected] History.

The Peconic Land Trust, a (c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established in by John v.H. Halsey and a small group of local residents to ensure the protection of Long Island’s working farms, natural lands, and heritage.

A history of smithtown and the battle of smith for land
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