A social presentation of the country of ireland

It is used by Government Departments and Offices.

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In the west and northwest as well as in the east, the mountains are composed mainly of granite. Temperature is almost uniform over the entire island. Until recently, most shops closed at the dinner hour between 1: View of Dublin from the River Liffey.

Particular emphasis is placed on education and literacy; 98 percent of the population aged fifteen and over can read and write. Wages and salaries are consistently lower for women, and employment in the tourism industry is often seasonal or temporary.

Irish evolved from the language brought to the island in the Celtic migrations between the sixth and the second century B.

Irish is one of the preeminent symbols of the Irish state and nation, but by the start of the twentieth century English had supplanted Irish as the vernacular language, and all but a very few ethnic Irish are fluent in English. County Councils are the principal form of local government, but they have few powers in what is one of the most centralized states in Europe.

However, one aspect of popular culture in Ireland that makes it somewhat different to other cultures is pub culture. While many of these people descend from emigrants of the mid- to late nineteenth century, many others are descendants of more recent Irish emigrants, while still others were born in Ireland.

The emergence of Ireland as an independent country is a fairly recent phenomenon. The nuclear family household is the principal domestic unit, as well as the basic unit of production, consumption, and inheritance in Irish society.

In the census, almost 1. Irish political culture is marked by its postcolonialism, conservatism, localism, and familism, all of which were influenced by the Irish Catholic Church, British institutions and politics, and Gaelic culture. Ireland has been the site and the inspiration for the production of feature films since The main industries are food products, brewing, textiles, clothing, and pharmaceuticals, and Ireland is fast becoming known for its roles in the development and design of information technologies and financial support services.

Offer to help with clearing the dishes after a meal. The large areas of peat bog to be found throughout the country are a notable feature of the landscape.

For more information on the flag, constitution, anthem and symbol of Ireland go to www. In most cases they will be relaxed. They have been replaced at the apex of Irish society by the wealthy, many of whom have made their fortunes in business and professions, and by celebrities from the arts and sports worlds.

As a result there is no set career path to political prominence, but over the years sports heroes, family members of past politicians, publicans, and military people have had great success in being elected to the Oireachtas.

Irish is now spoken natively by a small minority of the Irish population — mostly in Gaeltacht areas — but also plays an important symbolic role in the life of the Irish state.

Since the creation of the Irish state a number of development agencies and utilities have been organized in partly state-owned bodies, such as the Industrial Development Agency, but these are slowly being privatized. Make sure to smile!

The government has implemented major arterial drainage projects, preventing flooding—and making more land available for cultivation—by improving the flow of water in the rivers and thereby lowering the levels of lakes.

Drinking behavior in pubs The informality of Irish culture facilitates an open and fluid approach between people in public places. Marriages are seldom arranged in modern Ireland.

Do not give white flowers as they are used at funerals. As ofthe labor force consisted of 1. The Irish like to engage in verbal banter and pride themselves on being able to view a problem from every angle.

Snow is infrequent except in the mountains, and prolonged or severe snowstorms are rare. Folk cultural beliefs also survive, as evidenced in the many holy and healing places, such as the holy wells that dot the landscape. Ireland was one of the first countries in Europe in which peasants could purchase their landholdings.

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Hiberno-English the English language spoken in Ireland has been a strong influence in the evolution of British and Irish literature, poetry, theater, and education since the end of the nineteenth century.

The bare limestone regions remaining in western areas show how much glacial drift cover has meant to the Irish agricultural economy. There are roughly doctors for everypeople. The Irish appreciate modesty and can be suspicious of people who are loud and tend to brag.

All are self-governing, but are principally funded by the state. Some minority groups, such as Travellers, are often portrayed in popular culture as being outside or beneath the accepted social class system, making escape from the underclass as difficult for them as for the long-term unemployed of the inner cities.

The inland streams, however, flow slowly, often through marshes and lakes, and enter the sea—usually by way of waterfalls and rapids—long distances from their sources.On June 13,Ireland, the only country in the member EU that put the Lisbon Treaty to a popular vote, rejected the new treaty, jeopardizing the future of the pact that would have strengthened the EU’s influence in global politics.

Ireland changed course in Octoberapproving the treaty. The public architecture of Ireland reflects the country's past role in the British Empire, as most Irish cities and towns were either designed or remodeled as Ireland evolved with Britain.

Can you please send me author and cite info so I can use this information for a presentation? Thanks so much silemyr. The section on social class. Ireland presentation 1. IRELANDGeography StoriesSymbols Music Food Places to visit.

Geography of Ireland: official name, capital, main cities in Ireland, area (70, km²), climate (Due to mild southwesterly winds and the Gulf Stream Ireland has a temperate climate.

Summers are warm, while temperatures during winter are much cooler. Spring and autumn are very mild. It rains year round.). Social Dancing Ireland. K likes. Page dedicated to all kinds of country music dances around Ireland. So if you are a band, or a venue, post your gigs.

Living in Ireland, in 5 languages, explores culture, language, history, Culture & Society. Share | Like any other country there are customs and traditions which are particular to Ireland. Greeting people.

Irish people have the reputation of being very friendly. Generally people will shake hands when they meet for the first time.

A social presentation of the country of ireland
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