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She was getting so worked up I thought she was about to fall off the chair, but despite the growing moaning she never stopped delivering the news! Then she unzipped the skirt and it slipped down to the floor, and she was facing the camera in a white slip from the waist down.

Wow, she was putting the moves on Fredericks! This one has some new footage I had shot — special for this audition. I went into his office and saw the pile of audition videos next to the camera aimed at the mock news-desk. Underneath she had on a simple black bra, almost like a bikini.

Fuad Mussa, the President of the Islamic Cultural Centre, is quoted as saying that "there is a general ignorance among Chileans about Islam. Some final thoughts the case. Barbara collapsed and almost had to be carried back to the cot in the holding cell.

I spent a day on the phone with the top agents in the business and arranged a day of auditions with the people I considered the top in the business — Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, Connie Chung, Jane Pauley, Diane Sawyer, and Joan Lunden.

Just thinking about what I might see on this tape was getting me excited!

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I hope you enjoyed my report. She was looking up at the camera with a devilish little smile, like she was teasing me. Maybe they all wanted to check out the competition. Twenty-six-year-old Tajima epitomises the new Muslim hipster, glamorous yet edgy, elegant yet quirky. Garments are amply full cut.

I discreetly looked over at her legs when she sat down to talk with Joan Lunden.

Islam and clothing

When she was satisfied with her choices, she turned toward the mirror and took off her suit-jacket, then she took off her shoes and unfastened her slacks.

I guessed that this outfit did absolutely nothing to turn Fredericks on, so he sent her back to find something more feminine, as she was looking at some frilly blouses and long skirts from the rack.

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By now I knew the routine, she came back in a few minutes to change again, and I got another eyeful, admiring her high-cut panties from the back as she bent over to pick up her slacks.

She looked on the rack and seemed to find something she liked, then she reached for her waist, and started undoing the clasp on her skirt.

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Hana Tajima, a Muslim fashion icon in her interview with Vision says that fashion-conscious Muslims are proving that you can be cool and modest, stylish and individual without compromising faith.

I reset the video counter so I could find that image again if I wanted to. The morning of the auditions came, and Barbara Walters was already waiting in the reception area when I got in at 9 — I guess she really wanted the job, and the multi-million dollar salary that went with it.

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Barbara’s Blouses Barbara Linse buys blouses for a chain of ladies’ wear stores in major U.S. cities. She currently travels twice a year to Asia to procure her blouses. Here's a bright idea for your home decor: this Barbara King sandstone sculpture that looks lovely as is or lit up.

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Barbara blouses
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