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In the next room Mrs. A bet is about how long the boy can light his lighter. I could see the clusters of big brown nuts hanging down beneath the leaves.

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He himself has been consuming tremendous amounts of the potent substance ever since he read that it helped overcome infertility in men.

The terrified narrator shuts his eyes in anticipation of her death. The woman playfully sticks her head and arms through the various openings in the huge statue; her companion laughs uproariously and draws close to her, perhaps to kiss her.

Firstly, in my opinion, the author does achieve his purpose of this story to reveal the dark side of human nature through the crazy old man.

The narrator of this story becomes the reluctant referee in a bizarre gambling arrangement between a wealthy, middle-aged South American businessman and a handsome young British soldier.

In his efforts to reassure her, he makes a still more startling revelation. He drinks more than usual and rejects her sympathetic inquiries about his work as a detective. After lugging the heavy package upstairs, she observes her husband standing with his back to her.

When he is lighting the cigarette he has offered us, he says that his lighter never failed, by which the old man was animated. If he fulfills it, he can get a new Cadillac from the old man; and on the other way around, if he loses, what he is about to lose more is his little finger as well as the Cadillac.

For the first time in months the anxious wife looks closely at her husband. The insiders are surprised, however, when Natalia, a haughty beauty from the Continent, triumphs over the resentful Englishwomen, and within six years she assumes control of the Turton Press.

Soon later, a young naval cadet with his girlfriend, who have been swimming in the pool, join us.

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Just as Annie claims that Roald Dahl is inspired and experienced in writing from the other side compared to everyman and thus, has a good understanding of the art of story. As to the plot, it is betting in a price of the little finger and especially when the old woman shows her finger that is quite scary; in addition, the thriller in description embodies in the process of the experiment, when it is approaching hard to the final tenth try.

Maloney begs them, as friends deserving hospitality, to eat the meal she cannot bear to eat now, they hesitate but finally agree.

Maloney out of her state of shock, and she begins immediately to fear the consequences for herself and her unborn child.

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In addition, the woman who has spent a lot of time winning everything from the old man to suppress his persecution of betting, is the genuine symbol of the good side of humanity. Certainly Lady Turton has overbid her hand this time.

His drink is prepared for him, but no dinner is waiting because on Thursdays they always dine out. While they are devouring the juicy lamb, their dining conversation reflects the irony of their unwitting ignorance: The child in the crib, too, is surprisingly beelike in appearance.

Then the old man proposes a bet on whether the young man can light the lighter for ten times running without missing one. Basil pauses briefly, however, to admire the sculpture, which is one of his favorites.

In the pool itself there were three or four girls and about a dozen boys, all splashing about and making a lot of noise and throwing a large rubber ball at one another. It can make sense that this thing actually can be in betting.

The setting is Wooton House, one of the great stone houses of the English Renaissance, and it is the atmosphere of wealth, beauty, and ease that attracts the narrator, an ambitious newspaper columnist who visits Sir Basil. Instantly killed, the detective falls to the floor with a crash that brings Mrs.

The mild-mannered Basil enjoys a triumph uncommon to most henpecked husbands. In the interim, the narrator observes that for some reason the butler seems to want Basil to select the ax, by far the more dangerous of the implements.

The story begins as Mrs. In conclusion, Man from the South, which is outstanding in plot construction, description and coherent writing, is worth reading for a thousand times.

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On another level, the lady has only been threatened with a punishment that fits her crime of overreaching. For readers cannot help identifying momentarily with the narrator when he closes his eyes to avoid watching the ax fall; what happens to the lady in the ambiguous final scene is, after all, what readers believe about it.

Maloney is especially eager to have company in the house since she now remains at home all day.

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Short story analysis Man from the south Short story analysis Man from the south Man from the south is story wrote by Ronald dahl that that tell about a bet between the old man and the young boy.

I went to the bar and got the beer and carried it outside and wandered down the garden towards the pool. Surely, they say, the murder weapon must be somewhere in the house, even right under their noses. The almost stereotyped situation of spending the weekend in a great house where mischief seems imminent gives succeeding events the quality of a gothic burlesque.

Next, the story displays the dark side of the old man by describing his obsession with betting. The suspense grows as once, twice, as many as eight times the lighter functions perfectly, but a sudden interruption ends the gambling.

Book report of Man from the South Essay

The narrator relaxes as he watches her walk across the room to retrieve her car keys.Analysis - Man from the south Writer: Roald Dahl Main characters: The little man and the young cadet Man from the South was written by the famous writer, Roald Dahl.

Roald Dahl was born in Wales in and died He was a British and Norwegian author. His parents were Norwegians. Chio Zhi Jie Alvin Class Man From The South by Roald Dahl () Word Count: words Summary: ( words) The story begins with the narrator, Roald Dahl, relaxing by a.

Roald Dahl, the author of Man from the South, as Michael Caldon defined, is the master of creating surprises, in whose stories, readers can hardly predict the results unless they’ve turned into the last page because there are so many transitions.

) And here, this piece of book report is focused on some information about this article and readers’ reaction to it, which include the plot, author’s purpose, the. HOME Free Essays Book Report on Farewell to Manzanar.

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Book report of Man from the South. His most famous works include “Lamb to the Slaughter,” “Royal Jelly,” “Man from the South,” “The Landlady,” and “Neck.” In situations which include both domestic life and high adventure, Dahl creates suspense and humor of a highly sophisticated nature.

The Man from St. Petersburg In the book The Man from St. Petersburg the author Ken Follet, describes the struggles and adversity a Russian anarchist is forced to deal with in .

Book report of man from the south essay
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