Business management and coca cola great britain

In addition, functions within the Company operate across geographical boundaries to share best practice. Other executives are responsible either for the major regions e.

However, there is a matrix structure for each function e. The structure of Coca-Cola Great Britain combines elements of centralisation and decentralisation. The UK fits into the Northwest Europe division. These decisions were fed weekly onto the GMC simulation platform and the effects of their decisions on the businesses were in turn recorded after a few days.

Based on simulation of real life business scenarios, the contest has so far seen more thanuniversity students participate in 30 countries across the planet. An effective organisational structure - Coca-Cola Great Britain The Coca-Cola Company has a corporate Head Office segment that is responsible for giving the Company an overall direction and providing support to the regional structure.

As do incomes and consumption patterns markets are at different stages of development. On campus activations during the six-week contest period included product sampling, brand presence, cash prizes for all participants, as well as coaching intervention by high level key note speakers including Enitan Oyenuga, the West Africa Business Unit HR Director.

Within the Company, different teams concentrate on particular products and use their specialist knowledge of the brands and consumer needs to support the sales and promotional effort.

Divisions and regions operate as business unit teams, with each Director reporting to the General Manager, i. The challenge ran for five weeks during which the teams met twice a week to take managerial decisions on their virtual businesses.

At a more local level the management of The Coca-Cola Company involves a number of functional specialisms. Africa or have an important business specialism e.

Competing teams deliberating during weekly work sessions After six weeks of intense contest, the winning team was unveiled at the national finals featuring a glamourous cocktail event well attended by top university leadership and students as well as Coca-Cola associates and customers.

Coca-Cola Nigeria used this platform to engage university students and reinforce its presence amongst this critical audience. This geographical structure recognises that: Is this answer still relevant and up to date?

As a company whose success rests on its ability to connect with local consumers, it makes sense for The Coca-Cola Company to be organised into a regional structure which combines centralisation and localisation.

The maiden edition featured 80 first class students from various departments of the University of Lagos UNILAG divided into 20 teams of 4 students each. A major region like Great Britain has its own marketing structure, organised as shown on the diagram.

He disclosed that plans are underway to expand the competition to more universities across Nigeria. Product support The way The Coca-Cola Company works reflects the many countries and cultures in which it does business. To take another example of local decision making at a regional local level the various SBUs are responsible for region-specific market research, and for developing local advertising, e.

This year, the global competition made its debut into Nigeria courtesy of Coca-Cola. This Committee helped to shape the six strategic priorities set out earlier.

We are really grateful to Coca-Cola for sponsoring this project. The management structure for Great Britain illustrates this. Now back from Dubai, Salimat expressed gratitude to Coca-Cola on behalf of the team for the exposure gained, qualifying their participation in the Global Management Challenge competition as one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.

Thank you for your feedback! Your feedback is private. In some cases a product is developed solely for local consumption and an example of this is the product Lilt, which is only available in Great Britain and Ireland. It owns or licences nearly brands in non-alcoholic beverages serving consumers in over countries.

Take the European union, SBU, for example. It goes to show the amount of budding business talent waiting to be discovered in Nigeria.Coca-Cola, Unilag & GMC representatives at the launch of the competition in Lagos (Photo Credit) The Global Management Challenge is one of the largest strategy and management competitions in the world.

Welcome to Coca-Cola European Partners Play We are a major fast-moving consumer goods business in Europe and the world’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler. Speaking to Business Insider, Coca-Cola Great Britain marketing director Bobby Brittain, said there was "absolutely nothing" wrong with Coke Zero and that it had marked almost consistent sales.

© The Coca-Cola Company, all rights reserved. COCA-COLA®, "TASTE THE FEELING", and the Contour Bottle are trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company has built well-structured relationships with a range of external groups including bottling often assume that The Coca-Cola Company bottles and distributes its own beverages.

Discover the latest news, stories and videos from Coca-Cola Great Britain on Journey! Find nutritional information and ingredients about Coca-Cola's range of drinks.

Business management and coca cola great britain
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