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Cheerleading college essays

Being a member of a competitive cheerleading team also requires strong dedication, as well as a positive attitude. Being a member of a competitive cheerleading team as well as an active participant of all class events has been highly beneficial to my high school career.

Nov 08 Trying to manage a busy schedule can be exceedingly overwhelming without the use of proper time management.

Cheerleading being one of the most influential activities, has taught me the value of hard work, the importance of working as a team, and time management.

The essay topic was to write about something that has bennefited you throughout your high school career. Acquiring the skills necessary to become a successful competitive cheerleader can take many years of drilling new skills and routines. Cheerleading has been a major aspect of my life since I was in seventh grade.

Progressing in the two main and most impressive aspects of the sport, stunting and tumbling, requires intense training which is both physically and mentally strenuous. The format got a little funky when I pasted it on here.

Organization, having a positive attitude and being driven to meet all responsibilities and expectations are necessary when one is placed with the task of managing a demanding schedule.

I believe these skills have bettered myself as an individual and will be highly useful in my future. As a result much time is spent among teammates which aids in the formation of a close bond and a high level of trust; this level of trust is crucial during stunting as well as tumbling.

In general, most high school sports seasons last about two to three months. It would be greatlty appreciated if someone could read my essay over and let me know what you think. Participants must build up physical endurance, strength, and coordination in order to increase the level at which they tumble and stunt as well as mentally overcome the risk of self injury.

Competitive cheerleading contains five components: Suggestions, comments, corrections are all welcome.

A competition routine would not be complete without all members of the team working to reach their fullest potential for the upcoming competition season and exhibiting their highest level of skills in this routine.

Throughout middle school and high school I have participated in many extra curricular activities, both in school and my community. Being a student athlete, active member of my class and maintaining a part time job has taught me how vital proper time management truly is.

Being that cheerleaders must first fulfill their responsibility of cheering for both football and basketball games and must also compete at their own events causes the season to last as long as nine months.Cheerleading- a sport commonly confused for a simple activity. I have been a cheerleader for eight years of my life, since I was six years old.

. ´╗┐Judy Mull Jennifer Hippensteel English September 24, Cheerleading Tight uniforms, loud voices, pulled back ponytails with bows the size of their head, white tennis shoes, and girls being thrown into the air, is the typical definition of a cheerleader but what exactly is a cheerleader?

A cheerleader is a person who is a member of a group who.

6 School Essay Writing Tips for Cheerleaders / OMNI CHEER BLOG / CHEERLEADING LIFESTYLE / 6 SCHOOL ESSAY WRITING TIPS FOR CHEERLEADERS. Tweet. Posted on Professors assign essays with a single purpose: to enable students to demonstrate their knowledge.

This means that you cannot write a random answer to. Essays Related to Cheerleading. 1. Also that same year the first competitions were held, with titles like "Top Ten College Cheerleading Squads" and "Cheerleading All America.

The first televised cheerleading competition was in on ESPN and sponsored by UCA. In the first Cheerleading W 3/5(3).

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September edited October in College Essays I was thinking about writing my common app personal essay on cheerleading.

I hear a lot that this is cliche because it doesn't show a well-rounded person, only someone who is completely only obsessed with sports sports and more sports, and could care less about their schoolwork or any .

Cheerleading college essays
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