Continuities and changes in south asia

Pressure from Confucian officials convinced the emperor that the expeditions were unneeded and too expensive, and that China should focus on internal stability by protecting the northern border.

Inthe Mongols destroyed present-day Beijing.

Continuities and Changes in South Asia Essay

The Song also used cotton sails and compasses to build a strong navy and the ability to ship more goods to the rest of the world. By the mid 9th century, the Abbasid Caliphate had been broken into smaller states, but Islam was the cultural continuity.

He created a Chinese style dynasty with a fixed and regular tax system. Unfortunately, the contrasting Indians did not unite to fight off the trespassers, but instead rivaled against each other.

The British soon began to obtain resources for their industrial needs and replaced local leaders whom assembled factories and textiles industries leading the natives of India to despise the British. Mosques, hospitals, schools and orphanages were set up throughout the empire, which allowed for the spread of intellectual ideas such as algebra, Greek learning, and latitude and longitude.

He controlled religious and political life and replaced Latin with Greek as the official language.

In India, the tradition of weak centralized power coupled with the Hindu caste system contributed to the social stability after the fall of the Gupta empire. Sudanic States - One area impacted by the increase in interaction throughout the period was western Africa. Over periods of time, Indian nationalist movements continued to surface.

Muslim merchants spread improved irrigation in the region, which led to increases in food production and population. They were a centralized empire with a capital city in Cuzco, Peru.

Silk worms were smuggled out of China, which allowed the Byzantines to develop a silk industry, while artisans produced glassware, linen, jewelry, gold and silver.

Byzantine Empire 4th century - C.

This concept was called caesaropapism. The size made it difficult to control, and their empire was weakened due to the heavy use of slaves, known as Mamluks. Islam provided social continuity during and after the rule of the caliphates Spread through military conquest, trade and missionary activity - Sufis most active missionaries Tolerance for other beliefs allowed it to spread Simple message of what to do and not do Appealed to the poor due to charity focus and inclusion as spiritual equals Universal civilization Merchants influence over trade routes allowed Islam to spread throughout North Africa and the Indian Ocean basin.

He kept local rulers in place to administer, and Russian bureaucrats collected taxes from the peasants. Their religion was based on the worship of the sun and other deities.

This intrusion from the foreign Europeans concluded the Indians with the desire of independence. The equal field system was established to try to limit the power of wealthy landowners. Through Mongol protection and pacification of overland trade routes, trade grew under the Yuan.

In Europe, Christianity provided cultural continuity in the absence of strong centralized rule, while Islam united the Middle East and North Africa.South Asia: Changes Islam (Islam came to India mainly through the Delhi Sultanate but also through the establishment of trade cities by Arab merchants on the Indian Ocean trade route.

Cultural Change (Hinduism and Buddhism used to be the only major religions). Continuities and Changes in South Asia InIndia was a divided land.

Lack of central unified power had caused the frequent invasions from foreign armies or groups such as that of the Muslims, which slowly occupied and ruled the region, the Portuguese, Aryas, and Turkish armies. Do you really want to delete this prezi?

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel. Continuities and Changes in the Islamic World and the expansion of Islam to South Asia.

In the th centuries as Islam migrated to South Asia the Muslim world became enriched by its great. We will write a custom essay sample on Continuities and Changes in South Asia specifically for you for only $ $/page.

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Change & Continuity Over Time Essay CCOT. Purpose: • To evaluate your ability to analyze historical changes and continuities that have shaped events, social, political, economic developments in history and North America South/Southeast Asia Sub-Saharan Africa Middle East.

Continuities and changes in south asia
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