Curfews for teenagers essay

In the first place every teenager needs to get at least nine hours of sleep every night, so their brain can actually get some rest after a stressful day of work, getting enough sleep will give your brain a chance to process the important and unimportant information that has accumulated over the last couple of hours.

Parents want to implement the idea of curfews into the life of their children at a young age to prevent them from becoming a rebel and behaving badly or being spoilt. If your teenager had a flat tire or another plausible excuse for being late, extend mercy instead of the promised consequence.

An example would be if a teen gets an invite to a party that will last all night from a very attractive peer. Officials such as The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice and the US Department of Justice confirms that, setting a curfew, in reality, does not decrease youth crime rates yet most of the teenagers detained are due to breaking curfew laws compared with Curfews for teenagers essay crime.

Second is that setting up a curfew will keep a teen out of trouble legally. Risks can become greater as the hour gets later, with more people who are out being fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Although trouble does not have a particular time frame, however, it is well known that majority of negative activities are all carried out under the moon light, nothing good happens after midnight.

So now the teen has to choose between going to the party but only for awhile or not caring about the curfew.

The Effects of Teen Curfews

Curfew Compromises A balanced approach in which parents and teenagers compromise and institute the curfew together can result in a more successful rule, advises New Mexico State University. It is proven that curfews tend to backfire and even lead to more rebellion. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of curfews and proceed wisely as you institute a curfew for your teen.

If the teen is rational enough, he or she will obey the curfew because a moment of pleasure is not worth a lifetime of suffering. With these analytical skills, teens will have to use these skills to rationally think of what activity or plans that they or their peers have made for the night.

Consequences Attaching specific consequences to a curfew helps a teenager learn cause and effect, as well as teaching your teen that you will enforce the curfew.

Instituting an authoritarian curfew could be the precursor to behavioral issues with your teenager. A teen also said that he only talks to his parents in the car or during dinner as their hectic schedule demands the parents to be on their toes all the time.

But the party starts at 8pm.

Do Curfews Keep Teenagers Out of Trouble Essay

There are two ideas on why there should be curfews set up everywhere for teens. Parents should spend more time with their kids and prevent them from going out till late at night and mix with the wrong bunch of friends.

Teens these days do not go down this path, but ultimately deciding to not care about the curfew. This could lead to extensions of curfews or even better understanding of each other.

Teen Sleep A curfew can be an effective way to ensure that your teenager gets enough sleep, advises the Aspen Education Group. Although it might not seem that curfews are a way to spend time with the teen, it surely is.Free Essay: There is some debate on whether curfews keep teenagers out of trouble.

A curfew is defined as a law or regulation that requires a person or group. Setting a Realistic Curfew for Teens. There’s no universal requirement when teenagers should be home, Here are some do’s and don’ts on teen curfews.

Teen curfews instituted wisely should have positive results. Part of maintaining limits and keeping your teen safe, curfews are also a common source of conflict between parents and teenagers.

Explore the benefits and drawbacks of curfews and proceed wisely as you institute a curfew for your teen. Do curfews keep teenagers out of trouble? This topic has always been on the cover page of today’s newspaper headlines and a hot topic that has been discussed by every family.

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Curfews for teenagers essay
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