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Spreads for and are included, so you get a full two years of planning from them. I had yet to finish the course and really start my business; I was not yet ready to use it.

What decisions do you need to make? You can track your business gains at the bottom. What is your DailyGreatness experience?

This is my journaling page. Again, you get to prioritize your top three tasks each day, and you get an hourly agenda to plan your day. Quarter for your thoughts The book is broken into quarters, and at the start of each quarter is another blank spread.

But you can do anything you want to these pages — get creative! So DailyGreatness here includes four quarterly budget spreadsheets. It keeps things that need to get done but not necessarily right now in dailygreatness business planner mind. Marketing is not my strong suit, but thankfully social media is.

I also receive a small commission for your purchase. Lo and behold, she did it. Now to the good stuff! Where will your business be? I use the right side as a journal for the week. This planner changed my mind about expensive planners.

Next up is an expansion strategy spread. I started using mine in late March. The business planning pages. Pretty simple — get to planning! I am in no way compensated by or connected with the site. Thankful and excited though I was, I put the planner in a desk drawer. Every business needs to budget!

Similarly, the next page deals with business goals. Where do you see your business in a year? I generally use this as a to-do list, paying little attention to the times unless I know I have to get something done at a particular time. At the end of the quarter is a spread for a day review.

Then you get to plan your week — what projects and appointments you have, as well as four big goals for the week. The corners are barely even dented, and this planner travels with me everywhere.

The next spread basically boils down all that stuff you worked on to focus it on the next quarter. Next up is the daily greatness! But what makes this planner great are the core pages — the planner itself. I usually pick two business goals, a social media goal, and a personal goal.

{Review + Walkthrough} DailyGreatness Business Planner

The first spread, which I call the pre-planning spread, takes a look at your big tasks and priorities for the week. You take a look at your strategies and what you plan to focus on. It helps you break down your goals into doable tasks, something I always struggle with.

Then you get one more blank page. The day-by-day part is pretty straightforward. Get one for yourself today with a special discount code! These are the only parts of the dailygreatness business planner planner that are dated./ Edition. No return on sale items. Arguably the most comprehensive and stunning business planner on the market, the latest planner in the Dailygreatness series is a must-have for your business this year and beyond.

Encompassing everything you need to succeed in your business over the coming year, this planner. The perfect pair. Explode your business with the Dailygreatness Business Planner & expand your mind with our bestselling Original Dailygreatness Journal. Use both yourself or give one as a gift when you order this beautiful duo combo and save 15%.

All our journals and planners are undated, so you can start anytime. Home > Our Journals & Planners > Page 1 of 1 Sold Out Dailygreatness Parents Journal: A Practical Guide for Raising Conscious Kids & Creating a Happy Home.

$ Dailygreatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan. I used to think spending a ton of money on a fancy planner was a waste. Then I got the DailyGreatness Business Planner, and I'm totally hooked.

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Arguably the most comprehensive and stunning business planner on the market, the latest planner in the Dailygreatness series is a must-have for your /5(8). Health Coach & Dailygreatness Ambassador, Sweden A unique series of lifestyle journals and planners inspiring you to be your own guru.

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Dailygreatness business planner
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