Effects of drinking and driving essay

Poor Decision Making Alcohol affects you in a way that changes your judgement, depth perception as well as vital motor skills required to drive safely. No matter the circumstances, you should never drink and drive.

For instance, you need to be able to foresee potential problems and make clear decisions if another vehicle cuts you off. Dangers of Drinking and Driving Any amount of alcohol in your bloodstream can impact your driving ability. Its easy to think you are driving normally when truly you are not.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has asserted that those driving under the influence of alcohol have conspicuous traits that they offer exhibit especially when they are on the roads. Drinking slows your response time, which can increase the likelihood of an accident.

There is always a better option. The economic costs of these crashes include: Your attention span is dramatically reduced with drinking, which significantly increases the chance of an accident.

You are now facing the legal repercussions of drinking and driving.

When operating a motorized vehicle, your judgement skills play an important role in how you make decisions. However, alcohol affects these skills, putting yourself and others in danger. Getting into an accident your life could be lost as well as any others who too are involved in this accident.

While National averages have dropped by half over the past 35 years there is still an ongoing problem with drinking and driving.

The legal repercussions of an DWI vary with each individual state jurisdiction, often resulting with time in jail, federally mandated alcohol treatment programs and loss of drivers license for an amount of time.

Renewing the license becomes so tough especially when it will involve court proceedings and this finally catches up with the individual professionally Jacobs, If you are found guilty of an DWI, you will be charged with drinking and driving.

The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

The largest group at risk for drinking and driving are those who binge drink or are struggling with an alcohol use disorder AUD. Decrease vision Excessive alcohol consumption can negatively impact your vision. Many people will start shunning away from yyou and this may end up affecting a person psychologically.

Drinking and Driving essay

This is the best case scenario. However, even a small amount of alcohol can lead to harmful situations. Lack of coordination Heavy drinking affects your motor skills such as eye, hand and foot coordination. When putting those keys in the ignition and driving away after drinking you are not only putting your life at risk but you are risking the lives of all those you come across while driving.

Because of this, it is always dangerous to drink and drive.

Drinking and Driving (DUI)

The effects of alcohol abuse vary greatly, putting you at risk for causing an accident or highway injury. The perception of space is also narrowed; drivers will often pay a lot of attention to straight forward roads and will never look left or right.

Without crucial coordination skills, you may be unable to avoid an impending harmful situation. Inhibit judgment Your brain controls how you judge certain circumstances.

It may reach a point when no person will ever want to accompany you for a drive especially if they consider that you are very reckless when it comes to driving. Impaired vision can affect how you judge the distance between your car and other vehicles on the road.

There is zero tolerance, all violators will be arrested and charged accordingly. If the officer smells a strong odor of alcohol, you exhibit slurred speech or general incoherence you will be asked to exit your vehicle and move to the side of the road where you will undergo field sobriety testing.

Alcoholism is a condition that can be treated with the help of a specialized treatment center.The Effects of Alcohol in Driving Outline Paragraph I: Effects of Drunk Driving Paragraph II: Alcohol Causes Injuries and Deaths Paragraph III: Younger and More.

Drinking Driving DUI DWI Drink Drive Alcohol - Causes and Effects of Drunk Driving. Drinking and driving is referred to as driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, and involves operating a vehicle with a.

Free Drinking Driving papers, - Cause and Effect Essay on: Drunk Driving Driving a vehicle while - Teenage Drinking and Its Effects on the Development of. Free Essay: Cause and Effect Essay on: Drunk Driving Driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous things you can do.

The Consequences of Drinking And Driving Essay Words | 6 Pages. Driving under the influence has affected many people's lives and families.

Drinking and Driving (Cause and Effect) - Essay Example

Today I would like to talk to you about the problems.

Effects of drinking and driving essay
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