Effects of urbanization essay

Electricity and natural gases have innumerable problems as a consequence of this denial of service. These cities were once trading posts, forts, or plain old rural farms. First of all, by all accounts, cities are perceived to offer a wide variety of job opportunities on the grounds that there are very different branches of businesses in cities.

Causes and Effects of Urbanization By Brian Gabriel ; Updated June 27, Causes and Effects of Urbanization Urbanization is the shift from a rural to an urban society, bringing a large concentration of people into towns and cities. Urbanization can be understood in terms of the typology of city and country.

It enables Effects of urbanization essay from different origins, cast and religion to live and work together, slowly breaking down the barriers of discrimination, culture and language. They also often migrate to the city with their goods and materials that prove to be beneficial in foreign trade.

The trend toward urbanization is a worldwide phenomena. Another 1 million people may be OK, 2 million might be accepted due to newly created sectors; nevertheless, if another 5 million people come to this city, what will be the result?

Negative effects of Urbanization: These areas help the country grow, and provide hundreds and thousands of jobs and careers for the citizens. Then, other citizens of the same country — especially from the rural areas — see the opportunity to have a better life and migrate to this city.

For example,the poisonous gases coming from the vehicles result in acid rain that damages trees, buildings and can kill fish in lakes and rivers. Urban sprawl has its pros and cons, pros being, that people can move in fairly quick, easily afford these housing developments, and live away from the main city.

Canadian cities are some of the fastest growing cities on the globe because they are so young. With each passing minute, more and more forested areas are being cleared to make houses and factories, with many trees and animals running the risk of becoming extinct. References Global Social Change Reports: When the uncontrolled urbanization occurs, the most noticeable effect is overpopulation in chief cities.

There do not seem to be any noticeable investments in transportation; hence, it cannot meet the needs of city residents.

Positive and negative effects of Urbanization

The social scientists have used different conceptual typologies to explain this change. In an analysis by the United Nations, it has been predicted that almost all the population growth that will take place in the next 13 years, which is an estimated 1. Suburbs of cities spring up all over the world all the time, and populations grow with them.

Cause and Effect Urbanization

Additionally, strains on important natural resources, such as water supply, leads to higher prices and general environmental sustainability problems. Subsequently, this contributes to a decrease in agricultural production. Apart from these pull factors causing migration to big cities, there is a strong push factor stemming from absence of enough land.

To start with, it is an undeniable fact that urban areas offer much more scope for an efficient living. Economic Causes Workers move to urban centers to find better economic opportunities. There are very high-quality schools with excellent teachers, teaching with up-to-date techniques.

The last impact is about unpleasant demographic results. Within this type of urbanization, some unwanted events occur, specifically environmental e. Urbanization has a close link with the process of rural-urban migration.

Urbanization Essay : Short Essay on Urbanization

The urge in people from rural areas, to move to big cities, is due to the striking difference in condition of living and scope of work in rural and urban areas. Deforestation, on the other hand, is very widespread in recent years; large areas have been destroyed, as the trees are cut down for wood or burned to clear the land for building universities, shopping centers, skyscrapers and so forth.

In the following paragraphs an attempt has been made to elaborate on these points. Positive effects of Urbanization: The process of change in society has been evolutionary.There are some people who still consider the negative effects of urbanization, but I extremely believe that urbanization has brought a lot of benefits on many countries which are developing in over the world.

This essay will explore some advantages of urbanization in the developing countries. Effect of Rapid Urbanization on Housing Essay. Read Urbanization Essay Sample.

By Lauren Bradshaw. January 8, Example Essays. Urbanization is a big part of the modern world, without it, we would all be lost.

Causes and Effects of Urbanization

While countries are growing at a rapid rate, the once ‘old’ cities of the past are expanding onto previously un-occupied lands and even sometimes creating new towns and cities.

Therefore, this essay will argue that urbanization does not lead to an equitable society. Firstly, housing problem caused by urbanization. Secondly, urbanization process leads to inequality of life quality.

Causes and Effects of Urbanization Urbanization is the shift from a rural to an urban society, bringing a large concentration of people into towns and cities.

This process usually occurs when a nation is still developing. Positive and negative effects of Urbanization In today’s world, “urbanization” is a very common and discussed term.

It essentially means the process of developing an area and making it more urban. If you are an urban dweller, you may know the real meaning of urbanization.

However, this does not always indicate your sufficient insight in the “uncontrolled urbanization” topic too. To form a causal chain, it is right to say that more jobs, more services in the urban side and absence of land in the countryside [ ].

Effects of urbanization essay
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