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Let your essay sit and your mind rest. Character has a conscience.

Abortion : Both Sides

Those who support the expansion of global free trade claim that economies grow faster when they can specialise in just a few industries in which they have a strong advantage. However, less simplistic people realize that violence on screen is just fantasy and does not translate into real life for most viewers.

Try to make these two paragraphs similar in length—three sentences is enough—and save your own opinion for the conclusion. For instance, Skype and Facebook make it possible for people to interact in ways that were never before possible.

Despite this, human interaction is still possible through the internet and this essay disagrees technology should be dismissed for this reason. What this means is that children return home from school and there is no parent there to monitor their behavior or school work.

Moreover, learners have the ability to research and learn about any subject at the touch of a button. In order to avoid plagiarismyou must cite your sources. You have a point and a counterpoint then you argue your position. Warrants are then listed for the reasons to support the claim with backing and rebuttals.

Next, include one or two paragraphs to succinctly explain and refute the most compelling opposing argument. A solution to this problem is to use synonyms. Make your essay structure very clear by writing two body paragraphs that each discuss a different view.

Some people argue that it is necessary for economic growth, while others claim that it damages local industries. However, it is clear that this is part of a greater argument instead of the essay.

Sentence 2- State which one is better or more important Practice Here is a sample answer but I have mixed up the sentences. The opinion is presented in the introduction and re-stated in the conclusion. This will normally help you to think of more strong points to support your argument.

How to write a persuasive essay Take a stance. By following the structure above, we have fully discussed both sides of the argument and given our opinion. Book is an exemplary model of this genre.

This essay agrees that an increase in technology is beneficial to students and teachers. Put your answers in the comments. A persuasive essay must be based on sound logic and must contain factual evidence to support the argument. Others believe that there should be more investment into new roads.

After all, the point of a persuasive essay is to convert your readers to your point of view. What do you want to do now? Practice Can you identify any synonyms in the essay above?

They are important, but must only be used at the appropriate time. The model answer discusses both sides of the argument in equal measure and ends with a clear opinion. Discuss both sides — You think one side is important but overall the other side is more important.

Women should have children at a younger age.

Argumentative Essay

This is very important for your Task Achievement score. For example, East Asia manufactures electronic goods, the Middle East exports energy, and the EU produces luxury items.

You should try to balance your essay by giving the other side of the argument.

Writing Task 2 Discuss Both Views Essay Lesson

Thoroughly research your topic. This essay will discuss both points of view. It is claimed that newspapers are on the way out, and will be replaced by the Internet. How to Write a Persuasive Ideas are developed further with logical links such as For example, because and also.

Look up scholarly essays and books on your topic and use them in your essay. I believe that global trade is inevitable and should not be restricted. The second paragraph has three examples of giving the other side.These are known as discussion essays or essays where the candidate has to analyze both sides of the argument.

These types of topic questions are some bit different than argument essays and must be responded by the.

IELTS Writing Task 2: How to Structure a ‘Discuss Both Sides’ Essay

You must be able to understand both sides of the issue in order to successfully argue your point of view. Thoroughly research your topic.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

The point of a persuasive essay is to provide detailed and compelling evidence—you should be able to. IELTS Writing Task 2: Question. Try this IELTS Writing question which requires you to discuss both views of an issue. It’s basically the same as an argument essay that we studied previously.

The wording of the question is different, that’s all. An argumentative essay is a type of essay that presents arguments about both sides of an issue. It could be that both sides are presented equally balanced, or it could be that one side is presented more forcefully than the other. The best way to get ready to explain and defend a position on some controversial issue is to explore a topic thoughtfully, considering both sides of the issue before preparing an essay.

Plan, write, and check an IELTS Discuss Both Sides essay together with an experienced IELTS teacher, who will guide you to a 7,0 or higher.

The video is interactive, so make sure you are in a quiet place and have at least an hour to complete all the activities.

Essay writer both sides
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