Florida association of realtors essay contest

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Florida Association of Realtors Essay Contest

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Florida high school seniors can win college scholarships by entering the Florida Association of Realtors Scholarship/Essay Contest. The contest offers up to $6, in scholarship funding. The Florida Realtors Education Foundation Student Scholarship is available to students residing in Florida.

You must have a family member who is connected to the Realtors to be eligible for this award. The topic for the essay contest -- “How Does a Realtor Professional Benefit the Community?”-- provided students with the chance to research a wide range of real estate disciplines.

This year, a total of $, in scholarship funding will be awarded by FAR, with student winners in each of the Association’s 13 districts receiving a $5, scholarship prize, second-place winners receiving a $1, award and.

Jean Rubin, communications chairwoman for the board, presented a $ check to Pyott for her winning essay, which will be entered in the Florida Association of Realtors' statewide contest.

Winners will be announced at the FAR's annual convention in October. Scholarships The Florida Magazine Association honors the life and career of Doug Damerst by awarding a $ cash prize to an exceptional student majoring in the field of the journalism/communications.

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Florida association of realtors essay contest
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