Gcse triple science chemistry coursework

Everyone does their best in subjects they enjoy. The comments I make are my personal views and are not intended to reflect those of Ofqual or the examination boards with which I am associated.

Chemistry (Single Science)

Little wonder students find the transition to AS so difficult. This change will have enabled more students to obtain at least C grades in Science and Additional Science the Double Award.

The best way to keep abreast of these changes is to look at the examination board websites the AQA website is a good place to start. Is triple science GCSE hard?

Should I take Triple Science GCSE?

If you do the three sciences separately you will do nine final exams and three controlled assessments, which can sound a bit scary. As the names imply, the Foundation papers are easier than the Higher papers. These are far more rigorous than the GCSEs. This is not education. However, below the radar, changes of perhaps greater significance were made: Many people, including some teachers, have protested and question the need for these changes.

Is it worth doing triple science? Instead, for example, of acquiring a rigorous understanding of the chemical reactions that occur in the extraction iron and copper from their ores, students are indoctrinated with a series of social, environmental and ethical issues to do with mining.

For further information, please use the following links: There is no doubt about it: Or you can now choose additional science and further additional science, which cover the same content in a slightly different way.

Unfortunately, there is little honesty in this debate. For some subjects, including science, these changes will be introduced from September By taking the sciences separately you will be keeping your options open.Thus the GCSE Biology course comprises Units B1, B2 and B3. Similarly, we have C1, C2 and C3 for Chemistry and – you’ve guessed it – P1, P2 and P3 for Physics.

Therefore, students following the Triple Award have to sit nine examination papers in Year Mar 01,  · Even if at the end of GCSE's you've had a change in career option, triple science will be of great help as you will have three seperate science GCSE's: Biology, Chemistry and Physics! alright mate · 6 years agoStatus: Resolved.

GCSE Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)

Having received lots of feedback from teachers, Sarah shares advice and ideas for entering GCSE students for Foundation/Higher tier for the new science qualifications. 9 microscale tips to improve your chemistry practical work 20/11/ Apr 22,  · I did triple science a year ago for GCSE's, the topics were similar to yours I got full marks on all my coursework!

I'd highly recommend getting the syllabus and just going through each point on that, making sure you cover it all in enough detail.

gcse Chemistry (Single Science) Chemistry is the study of the composition, behaviour and properties of matter, and of the elements of the Earth and its atmosphere. GCSE Chemistry () Teaching from September Exams from June GCSE Physics () Teaching from September Why AQA GCSE science?

Our philosophy is Science for all. We believe that science has something to suit students of all abilities and aspirations.

Gcse triple science chemistry coursework
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