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The company has various options to consider, for example, to distribute the chocolate premium products aggressively across many channels. In addition, there are varieties of products for different occasions such as for special gifts.

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The customer has created a variety of more than seventy products of those Godiva corp essay who demand customized goods. Other key stakeholders include the Government. Therefore, despite the advantage the other competitors could have in this industry, for example, the local company, it still have a competitive edge in terms of winning the customer loyalty through providing products of substance.

Marketing target Godiva chocolate deals with Chocolates products and, therefore, the main target of its market is chocolate lovers. Therefore, the country is well accessible due to its accessibility through land, water, and air.

The strategy of unifying Godiva image globally is a viable strategy. In Singapore, though the products are expensive, many customers prefer buying from Godiva shops as opposed to other shops in the same industry.

Since women do most of the purchasing, advertising should, therefore, focus on women magazines and billboards. My recommendation would be since according to forecast, the Singapore economy is expected to rise in the future, which means the people earnings will go up including the youth of below 30 years, the products should be given a youthful appearance to attract the youth.

Everyone knows that Godiva is top of line, when it comes to Chocolate. The industrial analysis takes the role that would enable to cope with various forces associated with external competition and Godiva emerging victorious in conducting its business efficiently. These programs are exploited by corporate rewards, sales incentives, as well as recognition.

In addition, the company in its advertising campaign wants to give the brand name a youthful appearance. Godiva has employed key strategies in the provision of sales volume to a great deal. A case in point is a situation where seasonal gifts and luxury products exceeded actual sales making the company hit a downturn in the short-run.

For example, it offers a variety of products in its website to enable customers view the existing products and the latest products. There are also challenges associated with high priced products at the global level, and this scares away customers in the Chinese region.

The aim of this strategy is to decrease the investment in stores which in the past has been seen to negatively impact on returns of this company. There have been some disagreements involving the Godiva and other Companies. Weaknesses present areas where the company has failed to ensure that product diversification goals were put into perspective.

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The first key group is for business gifts giving. In Singapore particularly, the company is exceedingly doing well.

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The land is characterized by undulated land with low hills. This country is strategically situated at the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula.

Godiva Company is also required to pay tax to the government at the relevant applicable tax rate with respect to particular country of operation. The SWOT analysis can reflect strength, weakness, opportunities and threats Godiva corp essay the company.

However, this strategy is difficult because of the difference in the individual market around the world. In Singapore, the market can be divided to include the haves and the have not.

The LINK extranet structure is being used by the company, and this system is used to placing orders online. Some of the varieties of products include white chocolate, fruitdark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate shakes, among other varieties. Government trade regulations Regulation of business involves the application of the legal framework to control business segments in compliance with the law.

One possible premium retail channel tie-up that can be considered is Starbucks Coffee. The products are also available for online shopping to enable the customers shop from their homes.Industry Analysis: Godiva Executive Summary Analysis of Godiva creates an impression of bringing into the perspective the strategies applied by a chocolate manufacturing firm in line with product quality and technology.

 CASE STUDY ‘’ GODIVA CHOCOLATIER AND GODIVA GEMS’’ Godiva Chocolatier is a manufacturer of premium chocolates and related products. Godiva, founded in Belgium inwas purchased by the Turkish Yıldız Holding, owner of the Ülker Group, on November 20, GODIVA Chocolatier Chocolate Gifts Delivered.

If you are looking to give someone an impressive gift they are guaranteed to love, then GODIVA Chocolatier is. Free Essay: Introduction Godiva has for a long time now being among the leading corporations in its area of expertise, chocolate.

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