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People neglected them and their basic human rights. Through this, he learned to speak and communicate efficiently the ideas that he is well known for today. In the words of Malcolm X himself: It was then when Malcolm X decided to dedicated his time in prison to compensate for the education he lost by dropping out of school.

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Malcolm himself had dropped out of school in the eighth grade after his teacher contemptuously dismissed his ambitions to become a lawyer.

Back at that time, African-americans were subjects of a great deal of racism, persecution, and injusticeness. His willingness to learn made him the important and knowledgeful person we know him for today.

For that reason, at the age of 15, Malcolm dropped out of school. Malcolm X achieved his education through self-conducted studies he made while he was imprisoned. However, the methods he used are still the same. Malcolm began reading books about ancient, modern, and American history; he also read abolitionist material, philosophical works, civil rights literature, and archaeological treatises about black history.

Work Cited Haley, Alex. He then moved to Boston, where we became a criminal and sold drugs until when he got arrested and was sentenced to ten years in jail.

When Malcolm was in junior school, he was told that there was no point for a black child to pursue an education. With each exercise, Malcolm found his comprehension improving, along with his command of the English language.

To Malcolm, "home education" meant self education. Institutional education is definitely an advantage, but real knowledge is only truly achievable if one is personally willing to learn. In his essay, Malcolm X refers to how he became knowledgeable and informed through what he calls "homemade education.

As time progressed, Malcolm came to feel his lack of an advanced education. This was how his exploration into "homemade education" began. Essentially, Malcolm X began educating himself, first by taking hold of a dictionary from the prison library and then, copying pages out of the dictionary to improve his diction.

His actions, played along with other great activists such as Martin Luther King, marked the great historical and social revolution that we know as the Civil Rights Movement. Since he could now understand everything that he read, Malcolm found himself devouring other works that had until now, been off-limits to him.

Real knowledge can only be obtained if you set out acquire it.

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Malcolm came to learn more by teaching himself than by relying on others to educate him. After copying through the entire dictionary, Malcolm was able to explore other reading materials.

His inability to both write and understand a great deal of words sparked the idea of studying and replicating the entire dictionary.

He struggled to write proper sentences, and he experienced difficulty in understanding all that he read. Consequently, he gained handwriting speed, a much more elaborate vocabulary, and the ability to read and understand a book for the first time.

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Furthermore, the knowledge that he had acquired through the books that he could now read, gained him freedom and perspective. Later, in conversation with an English writer, Malcolm X was asked where he went to college.

People that today have access to a vast resource of knowledge and also have the opportunity to study should have a thing or two to learn from this.

In prison, he decided that it was up to him to make some needed changes.In the essay “A Homemade Education,” Malcolm X begins with explaining the struggles of how he taught himself to read and write in prison by using a dictionary and wrote from every night.

He discusses how his interest and resolve to be “able to read and understand”(Malcom ). In his essay, Malcolm X refers to how he became knowledgeable and informed through what he calls "homemade education." In fact, as you mentioned, Malcolm's essay is titled "A Homemade Education.

Malcolm X achieved his education through self-conducted studies he made while he was imprisoned. Through his narrative essay “ Malcolm X: A Homemade Education ”, he makes a brief anecdote of that experience.

Homemade Education A Homemade Education Essay number two In a homemade education by Malcolm X, he uses a memoir of his own life to stress the importance of getting an education. The Educational Journey of Malcolm X in Homemade Education PAGES 2. WORDS View Full Essay.

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Essay The Autobiography of Malcolm X - The Famous advocate famously known as Malcolm X was once called Malcolm Little. Malcolm Little grew up in a little farm town close to Omaha, Nebraska. Malcolm Little was his slave name so after his freedom he dropped little and added the X.

The X was associated with an unknown identity.

Malcom xs a homemade education essay
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