Should the state take severely obese

Is the child then moved over and over because of his weight? We are living in a police state. His Mother would get mad Should the state take severely obese say where did you hear that if he asked for fresh vegis or to try one of the recipes I gave him.

Due to complexity of individual assessments and many factors to be taken into account, it is not easy to standardize it. More than one adolescent in 10? That sort of radical intervention — intended as a temporary fix — might help prevent the development of severe health conditions like Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and liver problems in some of the 2 million or so very obese children in the U.

I ate healthy meals almost everyday at home as a child, but it was the other rubbish that I put into my body during the day that led to my obesity. Would someone please explain how that equates with freedom? Demonize the companies that sell and market food that is not nutritious.

So yes there is a real problem. Another notes that they are acting on hunches. Tax the hourly rate of every job shipped out of the country — we could pay off the debt quickly. Obviously, preventing obesity at the youngest possible age should be tried. Certainly parents may need help and training.

My mom would have swapped me in on a fat genius in a heart beat. And the decision to remove the boy raises a number of questions including: This boy needs help, and so does the mother, but they also need each other and state should provide them help and not making things harder by standing between them.

Instead of trying to legislate what we can and cannot do in our own homes, make information available for everyone to make the right decisions. I was normal in BMI even below for a while all my life till age 34 I got crippled up and very much less mobile then the pounds crept on.

Ludwig would ideally want parent-child separations to be shorter — and used only as a last resort. If so, at what age? What will happe n to Bariatric patients? That means you, candy, soda, fried food and snack food outfits. If your kids are already grown up and not living with you any longer.

Solving problems like these is often too difficult for parents themselves and a state should provide help long before considering possible removal of a child from its family. However, wherever there are chances that parents, with professional help, could take care of their children, a child should not be taken away.

Someone needs to speak the truth about nutrition! Unfortunately, government policies are overwhelmingly directed toward promoting economic growth and it does not seem likely that, in the near future, would be willing to compromise economic growth in order to promote general welfare.

Should Parents Lose Custody of Extremely Obese Kids?

Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association to halt the childhood obesity epidemic by They are clearly aware of what the future will probably bring to many of the teenagers who are severely obese. This means doing what we have done for smoking.

James Kalber, an obesity expert. In fact smoking in the presence of your children is overt child abuse—in fact smoking in the presence of anyone else even other non-smoking at the moment smokers is assault.

For most of these kids, bariatric surgery is the only effective option. The Yo-Yo diet up and down, repeatedlyoften happens. Kim If the government subsidies in the Farm Bill went to small sustainable farms instead of huge corporate farms that grow corn to make high fructose corn syrup then the cost of eating healthy fruits and vegetables would be affordable for these low income people.

Frame the debate to attack parents. It is more prudent, he suggests, to focus on the food culture: You are constantly teased. And that is Reality Check. I feel very sorry for the kid.

State should take obese kids from parents: US doctors

As with everything, it comes down to education. Do parents have all of the information at their disposal to see that their child being obese is not good in the long term; and if they do, are they actually using this information?Too much weight can take a toll on your body, especially your heart.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to get healthier — and even losing a little body weight can start you on the right path. If you’re extremely obese, losing weight can mean “less heart disease, less diabetes. The government should have the right to remove severely obese children from their parents' home and place them in foster care, two US doctors argued in a controversial editorial published.

Essays & Papers Should the State Take Severely Obese Children from Their Parents? - Paper Example - Paper Example It is undisputable that everybody has a right to become a parent - Should the State Take Severely Obese Children from Their Parents?

introduction. More than 3 million children in the United States who are severely obese may be at a higher risk of developing heart disease and diabetes than overweight children. Severely Obese Children May Be at Higher Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes.

Parents, in some cases, should lose custody of their severely obese children, argued Dr. David Ludwig, an obesity expert at Children's Hospital Boston, in an opinion piece that ran in the Journal. Jul 14,  · What’s the News: Childhood obesity rates have escalated dramatically in recent years, in concert with nationwide explosion that has 34% of American adults falling into that category.


Should the state take severely obese
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