The hunger games research paper

If the victim is categorized as sub human it is felt that the violations of their basic rights are then justified 1 Maiese. As movie studios are heavily lacking in creative opportunities they will look towards novels and book franchises for film ventures.

The game keepers were going to make them fight for basic necessities. The fascination of franchise films for studios is obvious as they generate buzz with just being a sequel.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Film adaptations of novels such as The Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter series, Twilight and now The Hunger Games have been so successful that the film studios seek out alternate franchises from which to profit. The Hunger Games film also created a new fan base which had not read the books but were exposed to the story through the films which brought in a fan base comprised of a large number of new fans who would normally not view a film of this type.

This is similar to the situation of the Jews in Night. When the respondents if they were familiar with The Hunger Games franchise: This word of mouth advertising generated different revenue for the franchise. The Jews are no longer being persecuted by Nazis; however, according to news networks like CNN, there are currently dictatorships in China and North Korea as well as other countries.

Tributes are being slaughtered and picked off by other tributes. The evolution of The Hunger Games from novel to social phenomenon The Hunger Games franchise is one of the most popular series of contemporary fiction aimed at teens and young adults. The films transport the viewers to whole new worlds in which they can lose themselves.

A good paper should contain research based on the popular reality shows and their evil nature. Often it is more about an indifference or apathy 70 Waytz. In Hotel Rwanda they refer to people as cockroaches. The propaganda and the stereotypes allow those in power to perform violent acts and dehumanize the victims further.

Profitability to Lionsgate While Lionsgate did not solely gain all the revenue that was generated from the film it did provide the movie studio with many gains.

Hunger Games Research Paper

Both Catkins and PETA choose that they would rather kill themselves than kill one another and let the Capitol have no single victor Bobbin. The Hunger Games franchise The Hunger Games series of novels by Stephanie Collins has been widely acclaimed by teens and adults and adapted into a film series that is successful worldwide.

Bolstered booksales The film influenced fans of the movie to read the books if they had not already done so as it was reported that: These fans read and reread the books, watch and rewatch the movies, buy the merchandise and use social media to connect with other fans to discuss their obsession.

Good articles in periodicals and publications on the book will be useful to realize the themes and problems raised in the book.

Research Paper on the Hunger Games Franchise

Many history teachers say that Collins based Catkins off of the hero in the myth of Theses and the Minotaur or the Labyrinth myth. The respondents were asked which genre of movie they preferred and the following characteristics became apparent: The Value of a Human Life In the fictional novel The Hunger Games, Selected teenagers are forced to fight for their lives in an arena when an entire nation watches on.

The novel would not become successful, if it did not touch upon serious themes, like severe poverty, starvation, oppression, and the effects of war among others. The game players were there to entertain the people of the capitol and to remind the districts of their vulnerability.

The chosen children are called tributes and must fight each other to the death. There are two types of dehumanization.View The Hunger Games Research Papers on for free. The Hunger Games Trilogy research papers overview the series of dystopian novels for young adults, written by Suzanne Collins.

The Hunger Games Vs Ancient Rome Gladiators The Hunger games one of the most sold books in the past century It’s a book everybody wants to read or has probably read. Hunger Games Research Paper The Hunger Games The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins, takes place In a post-apocalyptic America with 12 (originally 13) Districts and an over controlling government who lives in the city known as The Capitol.

Free the hunger games papers, essays, and research papers. The Hunger Games represents the evolution of a novel to a milestone in popular culture. The Hunger Games has grown in popularity and become a genuine franchise.5/5(4).

The hunger games research paper
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