The tragic situation of the innu community of canada

The structural oppression of the Innu and the disintegration of their culture has been tragic. Unfortunately, nobody in the government appears to have taken into account that centuries of their "pride, traditions, and spirituality [were] tied to the land of their ancestors No easily accessible documentation of this fact has been seen This act set out a number of limitations for Native people, particularly concerning was the forbidding of Native people to form political organizations or vote, the stripping of Native languages and spiritualities, and the institution of Residential Schools.

How can I help? By having to enter a negotiation process with the Canadian government over their rights, "the Innu are being asked to participate in their own dispossession", said Colin Sampson, a professor of American studies at the University of Essex, who has been working with the Innu for more than a decade.

They also had their own unique experiences of colonization and disenfranchisement at the hands of the Newfoundland provincial government, and although they did have the right to vote, they were treated as substandard citizens and "others" in Newfoundland.

The transition was difficult and traumatic.

Quebec Innu suicide inquest: First Nations chief hoping for action

Life in the communities is marked by extremely high levels of alcoholism, petrol-sniffing amongst children, violence, and record levels of suicides. This rating is based on a wide variety of factors: Although many return to nutshimit, or the country, to hunt, fish and gather, especially during spring and fall, most either have paid jobs as well, or depend on social security.

Rates of alcoholism and drug abuse grew. When we lost those 6 children, there was nothing the firefighters could do. When the ice melted, they would travel by canoe to the coast or a large inland lake to fish, trade, and meet friends and relatives.

In general, there is a tendency to point fingers at the Native people and blame their poor choices and moral fabric for the alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, truancy and suicide that occurs on Native reserves.

Report on Innu suicides hopes to shed light on causes

The report states that: This compares to an average suicide rate of 14 perelsewhere in Canada, and 12 perin the U.

What is the political, historical and social context that created these conditions? Many children become hooked on sniffing petrol.

People have nothing to do, they bootleg alcohol and sell drugs to their own people. The state has effectively disenfranchised the Innu and benefited from it, while supporting the ideology that it is for the benefit of the Innu. Incompetent, paternal, racist government policies under the guise of benevolent progress, and The sexual and physical abuse of Innu children at the hands of a small minority of Roman Catholic priests over a period of generations.

However, what was found on the island was a desolate community that alienated the Innu from their traditional way of life, and the way of life that had been provided for them was not as promised: The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay.

The cause of the fire was attributed to a number of different factors: His tragic personal history is not unique in his community, he says.

European settlers dealt with the Natives in Canada as soon as they began exploring the continent and used them as a vital resource for survival, as well as trade. They hunt animals including bear, beaver and porcupine, and also fish and gather berries — but most of all they rely on the herds of caribou which migrate through their land every spring and autumn.

During the s and s, the nomadic Innu were pressured into settling in fixed communities by the Canadian government and Catholic church. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

They have much more than they used to have.Prime Minister Prodi called it an act of tragic When Outrage Is A Scarce Commodity: Low-flying Maneuvers over Innu In appropriating Innu land, Canada has. Tragic situation in innu community essaysUntil 30 years ago the Innu were nomadic hunters in the forests of eastern Canada.

Today they live in communities with high rates of suicide, alcoholism. Canada's Innu: Between two worlds on the situation of the Innu community. of Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada.

His tragic personal history. Natuashish: A Community context of the situation that the Innu are Commission on the Treatment of the Innu in Labrador by the Government of Canada.

The extermination of Canada's Innu people - Canada's killing fields reports that the Innu people in Canada's northeastern a community living in almost.

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The tragic situation of the innu community of canada
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