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From the aggregate I adapted the rhetorical situation to represent a model of a local Indigenous rhetorical discourse to explain the elements of an Indigenous rhetorical situation.

Accordingly, this dissertation makes the case for a coordinated media development strategy as a component of the social economy. August 13, Supervisor: Ukrainian Ostarbeiters in Canada: Graduate students in English may apply to the Graduate Committee to take one of their courses a maximum of six credit units per degree program outside the Department.

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Spring November 2, Supervisor s: Saskatchewan Health Stakeholders and the Wellness Program: If a single list appears at the end of the thesis, all references cited in the component manuscripts must be included in the list of references at the end of the thesis.

MA Spring November 27, Supervisor s: Fall August 30, Supervisor: Making Histories and Narrating Things: The Department of English offers the following graduate classes: The research has been guided by two research questions: Fall August 26, Supervisors: Fall June 15, Supervisor: I argue this relates to the lack of recognition of nonprofit, co-operative, and volunteer media as a distinct third sector, thus obscuring the global impact when hundreds of small undertakings shed staff and reduce operations in multiple locations across Canada.

The degree of the problem is largely unknown outside media practitioner circles, even among civil society allies. August 3, Supervisor: The study participants included seven elementary school teachers who have adopted various modes of media educational practices in their teaching praxis utilizing technology and their conceptualizations of media education.

February 15, Supervisor: Progress, Crisis, and Stability: Jim Handy Thesis Title: August 30, Supervisor: Fall July 16, Supervisor s: Matthew Neufeld and Dr.

Giant Trees, Iron Men: July 13, Supervisor: The following are intended to act as guidelines for minimum requirements in the creation of a manuscript-style thesis. A manuscript-style thesis is not, however, merely a collection of published or publishable papers.

Many departments also provide a supplementary matching value scholarship. Number and focus of manuscripts Although the Advisory Committee will discuss and approve the number and focus of manuscripts at the proposal stage, this may be modified by agreement of the committee as the research progresses.

A phenomenological inquiry through in-depth and semi-structured interviews and observations, undergirded by an interdisciplinary culture, allowed me to explore their daily experiences.

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Similar disciplines and fields of study e. Bill Waiser Thesis Title: Naval and Military Nursing in the British Empire c. The True [Political] Mothers of Today: Students should ask their Graduate Chair about this possibility.

Previously published manuscripts should not simply be inserted into the thesis as copies of journal pages.Thesis and Dissertation The thesis is an essential element of a research-based graduate degree. The thesis describes why the research work was undertaken, justifies the methods used, and provides an interpretation and analysis of the results.

Tuition for graduate studies will depend upon your program of study. Most project or thesis based programs have a per term cost. Course based programs are assessed tuition for each class you take. Some programs have a flat tuition amount either for the entire program or per term.

University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarships (UGS) Ph.D. students with a UGS receive $20, per year for up to 3 years subject to maintaining acceptable academic standing. Master’s students with a UGS receive $16, per year for up to 2 years subject to maintaining acceptable academic standing.

Thesis and Dissertation is a case study that examines twelve online instructors’ engagement and experience teaching online over a year at the University of Saskatchewan. The next study builds on that study by exploring teacher engagement and satisfaction of 28 online instructors at the University of Regina using survey.

Student Portal > Student Theses and Dissertations Student Theses and Dissertations Below is a list of theses and dissertations that have been completed by students with the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives as well as students supervised by Centre faculty.

McNichol, Dustin PhD Defence Date: June 28, Supervisor: Dr. Bill Waiser Thesis Title: ‘You Can’t Have it All French, All at Once’: French Language Rights, Bilingualism, and Political Community in Saskatchewan,

University of saskatchewan phd thesis
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