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Booms and busts of financial work Like any job, financial specialist work has both positive and negative elements. These courses help workers to keep abreast of changes in policies and regulations that affect their industry.

Other workers find satisfaction in solving problems and offering personalized advice. But some of the challenges presented by the work can be exciting and demanding. And three occupations—credit counselors, financial analysts, and personal financial Wirking money projected to have employment growth that is at least faster than average over the decade.

Insurance underwriters, for example, work mostly for insurance carriers and for agencies and brokerages. The following professional organizations provide more detailed information, including education and licensure or certification requirements, for the financial specialists described in this article: Specific requirements, however, vary from one position to another.

You can begin preparing for a financial specialist career as early as high school. For example, occupations such as loan officers, tax preparers, and insurance underwriters Wirking money require moderate-term on-the-job training, which can range from 1 to 12 months in length.

Some financial specialists have limited options for employment. The need for insurance underwriters, for example, is expected to fall because of automated underwriting software that helps workers process insurance applications Wirking money.

Many financial specialists need on-the-job training to become competent at the tasks required in their occupation. A small but growing number of colleges and universities offer specialized degrees in disciplines such as financial planning. In addition, some financial specialists are self-employed.

Earning optional certifications, such as the Chartered Financial Analyst designation for financial analysts, can lead to better employment prospects—and, often, to higher pay. The median wage is the point at which half of all workers in the occupation made more than that amount and half made less.

Licensure or certification is recommended or required for workers in some financial specialist occupations. Self-employed financial specialists need an additional ability: To maintain their license, workers typically need to pay a fee and to take continuing education classes annually.

But there are lots of things financial specialists say they enjoy about their jobs. The occupation with the least employment, financial examiners, had about 29, jobs in fewer industries.

Data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers NACE show that finance and insurance, one of the five industries hiring the most college graduates inhad the highest average starting salary of these five industries: In addition, say financial specialists, their work often attracts a certain type of person.

Inabout 2. Additional requirements, such as on-the-job training and licensure or certification, are required for some occupations.

Working with large amounts of data requires financial specialists to be precise, to pay attention to detail, and to be accurate.

What to know to be your own boss. Internships held during college provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience. For example, BLS data show Wirking money real estate appraisers and assessors, tax preparers, and personal financial advisors have relatively high rates of self-employment.

Accountants and auditors, financial analysts, and personal financial advisors are among the occupations that do not require any type of occupation-specific on-the-job training for workers to attain competency.

Making industry contacts is helpful in other ways, too. About half of the occupations listed in the table are projected to have employment growth that is at least 11 percent, the average for all occupations between and Accounting, economics, and other business-related classes are important—but so is aptitude for one subject in particular, says White: In some high-paying occupations, for example, there is intense competition for available jobs.

In contrast, either sluggish growth or a decline in employment for some financial specialists is projected when technology improves productivity. Brokerage clerks help with administrative tasks related to the purchase and sale of these investments.

However, a major drawback for many financial specialists is working in an industry that is highly regulated by the government. The rapid growth expected in those three occupations may be tied to factors such as a rising number of older people, increasingly complex financial portfolios, and declining use of employer pensions.

Seeking informational interviews and talking with workers in the industry are other great ways to learn about the occupations and to start networking. The occupation with the most employment, accountants and auditors, had nearly 1.

Courses that help students develop business acumen and people skills are useful in preparing for financial specialist work.The modern is a PC hell hole but you can get out alive if you stay smart.

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