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There is a wide variety of songs available, some only being unlocked for experienced bards, but even a simple song tends to please other Sims. This page will be updated with more tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Regular Poems require 2 themes. Starting out with your bard in The Sims 3 Medievalthey are only able to write a normal poem that has only two slots available for the inspired themes.

The interrogation chair can be found in furnish mode and sometimes one will be added to public locations such as town square. You can however, only write a poem on the bard hero, so be sure you are playing as that type of hero.

There are two ways write a war poem sims medieval the bard is able to obtain inspiration. Practice click on lute This is a nice XP booster in the early stages of the profession.

Perform a Poem You can tackle this on the Tavern Stage, but this can also be done anywhere in the kingdom provided you have a poem in your inventory.

On the lower level you have the stage where your Bard can put on plays, tables for patrons, a cauldron, and some casks. Also available from the priests. At the end of the recital, your Bard is paid a fee. It adds 1 Well-Being, 2 Culture, and 1 Knowledge aspect capacity.

Ask For Inspiration This is accomplished by clicking on another Sim: Writing this poem gives 10 Watcher Achievement points, so it is really worth doing as soon as your Bard is able to do so.

The casks are right there in the Tavern and they "refresh" on their own, saving your Bard the Brewing expense. Tragic Plays require 4 themes. That was when there were 5 or 6 patrons dancing and watching. After you instruct your hero to start writing the poem, you will need to enter in a title and also select which themes you want the poem to be about.

Write 2 Poems Done at the Archive. The Tavern is in the general vicinity of the town square. Jimi Shakespeare looks off into a purple haze as he prepares to begin the Legend of the Talking Frog Quest.

The Sims Medieval Bard Hero Class Guide

Finish Writing a Play You do not need to write a play in its entirety in one sitting although doing so also accomplishes this task. Click on the chair to lock up a sim and then the interrogation mini-game will begin.

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The Sims Medieval Physician hero would enjoy hearing one about sickness and nature. Depending on the location, your hero will collect different types of themes.

Plays and Poems Bards can write plays and poems at their writing desk. The second way to obtain it is by clicking on a location and seeking inspiration there.

I would opt for that only when your Bard needs to do it for a Daily Responsibility or during a cooldown period for lute playing. Michael Hartman ; updated: This list will detail where you can get each of the types of The Sims Medieval bard inspirations in the game.

Perform Play So long as you have a play in your inventory, click on the Tavern stage and then Recruit a nearby Sim to perform in the Play with you. For example, the monarch would enjoy hearing a poem about Royalty and War.

It also will determine the value of the piece and also if other Sims will enjoy it. Your sim can use multiple techniques during the interrogation and observe the reaction of the suspect. This hero loves the stage and reciting medieval poetry on it to their adoring fans. Michael Hartman ; updated: Pirates and Nobles Adventure Pack, here are some tips to help you get the most out of new features and adventures.

Performing well in public will earn the bard money, although they earn less money for performances back-to-back; a "cooldown" period is enforced through a neutral buff. The strings of lutes, especially cheap ones, are prone to breaking after or sometimes during performances.

Epic Poems require 3 themes. The pit beast encounter will leave a sim with a strong scent buff, and if they dig again while smelling of the pit beast, they are very likely to be grabbed by the beast and will fight in the pit of judgement.

And the strings break on the cheap lute all the time as well. Simply choose Perform Song and your Bard will pick from a list of available songs.

To do this, you will need to collect certain inspirations and also of course be able to write the epic poem.How do you get the bard to write a poem on love and foriegn lands when you can't get the symbol for it, The Sims Medieval Questions and answers, PC.

Nov 15,  · Some of the new dailies such as sic a parrot/falcon on the pirate/guildsman, write and read a war poem to the pirate/guildsman, test the antidote on the pirate/guildsman, curse the pirate/guildsman, etc will cause the targeted pirate/guildsman to become a regular villager.

Perform a Poem You can tackle this on the Tavern Stage, but this can also be done anywhere in the kingdom provided you have a poem in your inventory. Just click on a Sim > Bard > Recite Poem. Write 2 Poems Done at the Archive. Jimi recites an Epic Poem: "Dig this you Medieval cats I call this poem Sword on Loins "Ouch, my loins.

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. The Sims Medieval Poems. The Sims Medieval Bard hero is able to write and recite The Sims Medieval poems to a select Sim or to a large audience. How do I write a poem about War?

How Do I write A Poem about Art. My inspirations keep giving me poem inspirations about love and food and drink. The Sims Medieval bard inspiration is something that they require before they are able to start writing a poem or a play.

This is an essential part .

Write a war poem sims medieval
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